DIL SE (Mashooqa Pt 2)

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About Neel.

NEEL is an R&B/Pop, Bollywood-influenced singer-songwriter and producer based out of NYC. Born and raised in New Jersey, NEEL is influenced by both Indian and American cultures, which he translates beautifully in his music. He is able to sing in English, Hindi/Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. Surrounded by music from a young age, NEEL expresses his musical abilities through his wide-ranged vocals and by playing piano, harmonium, tabla, and guitar. Vocally trained in Eastern and Western classical music, NEEL is versatile in many genres, especially Urban Desi.






“NEEL’s sincerity in pursuing the traditional Indian classical music is really commendable and he is also developing into a very good harmonium player. His goal has always been to achieve perfection in whatever he does.”

Shri Manoj Govindraj

Soor Singar Award Winner

“I am telling you – If you want your wedding to be a superstar wedding, it’s not one without NEEL. He is a super, superstar.”

Chef Gaurav Anand

Internationally Recognized Chef

“NEEL completely rocked the stage. He performed new songs, originals, classics definitely a crowd-pleaser. Have him at your private events, public events whatever.”

Krishna Parekh

Desi Vibes Media